Thalgo Peeling Marine With Algae visual
Thalgo Peeling Marine With Algae visual
Peeling Marine




Thalgo with marine water trace minerals.

Thalgo is known for using marine water with trace minerals beneficial for the skin in all of its products. If dull, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation are concerns for you, its newly released Brightening Lumière Marine Treatment has an innovative Triple Exfoliation for greater efficacy, containing concentrated active ingredients to correct dark spots and other irregularities, leaving skin, brighter and more radiant.

Corrects dark spots and uneven pigmentation
Smooths, evens, illuminates and reveals brighter skin
Protects from oxidative environmental stress
Skin looks brighter
The secret to this brightening treatment is Thalgo’s patented Brown Algae Extract which works to effectively combat dark spots, inhibiting the production of melanin and shielding against UV damage and pollution. This natural ingredient also protects your skin from blue light, an issue ever so relevant in today’s electronic-driven life.

  • Anti Ageing
  • Calming
  • Hydrating
  • Revitalising
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