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Clinically-Proven Skin Care.

Part of the NeoStrata Company, Exuviance is a popular range of cosmeceutical skin care clinically proven to address the most common signs of ageing through the use of powerful extracts and innovative exfoliants without irritating or sensitising the skin.

Including a vast array of ingredients, from well-loved AHAs like Glycolic and Lactic Acid to effective antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, every product in the Exuviance range also offers users something a little different and exciting in terms of formulation. From alpine extracts and marine botanicals to powerhouse peptides, Exuviance is always pushing the boundaries of skin care to create the latest complexion transforming product.

Some of their most popular and well received creations are their duo of Poly-Hydroxy Acids known as Gluconolactone and Lactobionic Acid, two non-irritating alternatives to strong AHAs that successfully refine uneven texture and stimulate the production of new collagen proteins. Another is NeoGlucosamine, a non-acid amino sugar that gently exfoliates the skin while encouraging better cell turnover to address the appearance of everything from fine lines to dullness. These exciting ingredients are used in abundance in the Age Reverse line, which includes a cleanser, eye cream, moisturiser, night cream and a targeted neck cream, making this a great option for those with very problematic wrinkles or severe sun damage.

And it’s not just premature ageing that Exuviance products can take care of. They also offer a wide range of topical solutions for other skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, breakouts and inflammation that are incredibly effective and work wonders for all skin types.

*Radiance Revitalising Peel – A peel that brings new life to dull, stressed skin and restores youthful radiance, suppleness and clarity.

*Age Reverse Peel – This peel addresses all signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, poor texture, uneven skin tone and loss of firmness.

*Clarifying Pore Refining Peel – This peel clarifies acne-prone, blemished skin and minimises the appearance of oiliness and enlarged pores. It perfectly cleanses the skin, unblocks clogged pores and helps with post acne healing process. Six treatments are recommended every three weeks.

*OptiLight Brightening Peel – A brightening peel dedicated to skin with pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Each session gradually brightens the skin and brings more even skin tone and a healthy glow.

*Calming Sensitive Peel – A very gentle peel that visibly calms and soothes sensitive and rosacea prone skin while correcting signs of ageing.

*Ultra-Hydrating Peel – A peel that intensely hydrates dry lackluster skin. Plumps lines and wrinkles and restores radiance and texture.

*Radiance Revitalising Peel – A peel that brings new life to dull, stressed skin and restores youthful radiance, suppleness and clarity.

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  • Hydrating
  • Revitalising
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